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PupDate and Transportation Options!

Have you ever wondered how to get a puppy from us in Tennessee to you - wherever you are? I know it can be really daunting! So I thought I'd run through a few of the ways we get puppies home to their long-distance families! (Down below transportation options is the puppy update!)

1st, we can meet you somewhere! This past week I met two families (Luna and Lola's families) in Knoxville. Both of them drove in the night before we met, spent the night at a hotel, and I met them in the morning! Then they drove home with their new family member.

Standard Poodle Puppies Knoxville TN
We are always happy to meet in Nashville, Knoxville, or Chattanooga for no additional charge!

2nd - we can fly your puppy to you! I find that this option often sounds the most intimidating, where on the plane is the puppy, in cargo, in the cabin? Is it stressful for the puppy? How does this even work!? So first, 99% of the time your puppy will be flying home with my husband (the handsome guy in the green shirt in the photo below!). My hubby loves to see new places, and he love love loves introducing families to their new puppy! So he always jumps at the chance to fly a puppy somewhere!

The puppy rides in the cabin of the plane underneath the seat in front of my husband. The puppies usually calm down and settle in and sleep on the flight! Then my husband meets up with you at a designated spot at an airport near you!

How much does this cost? It REALLY depends! It depends on where you are located, which airlines are running sales, and if there is someone else in your area getting a puppy from us! Did you know TWO puppies can ride home in a carrier together? They like to keep each other company and then their families can split the transportation cost! Do you have tons of airline points?!? You can book Sam's ticket on your points!! There is still some additional cost for the puppy ticket and for Sam's time but it does make it cheaper!

Red Poodle Puppy Philadelphia
Loretta and her happy family!

3rd - we can road trip to you, or part of the way to you! In July, a family on the coast in North Carolina got two poodle puppies from us, and their father-in-law got one also! They paid us for gas and inconvenience and we drove the puppies all the way to their new family! We got a few minutes on the beach with the kids, and we got to bring some sweet puppies home to their wonderful family! It was a win for everyone!

Just ask! If you're located a ways away from us don't be worried! Just ask about what transportation options might be available! Chances are it will be easier than you think it will be!


Puppy Update!

We have a new litter up on the site! They'll only be about forty pounds full grown! If you've been wanting a small standard poodle this litter is for you! They will be ready to go home October 26th!

We have some puppies available from Belle's litter who will be ready to go home October 8th! They'll be about 65 pounds full grown! There are three black and white parti pups in this litter - aren't they adorable?! Do you see that Grant and Petosky are already clearing around their eyes?! They are going clear, or fade, to be stunning silver and white parti like their daddy when they grow up!

To see a video of these three playing together check out our latest YouTube upload!

Visit us at for more details on these puppies! You can also call or text us at 931-208-6095!

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