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Black and White Parti AKC Standard Poodle
Black AKC Standard Poodle Puppy


* Sleeping through the       night in their kennel

* Using a doggy door 

* Vaccinations finished 

* Sitting for attention 

"Started Puppies" have started training on all of these points! If that sounds like a dream come true - keep reading!

"Started Puppies" are puppies who range in age from 16 weeks to a year old. They are consistently using a doggy door to go to the bathroom. They are sitting for attention instead of jumping up on you (and we will teach you how to continue that behavior when they go home with you!), they are finished with their Parvo vaccinations and have had their rabies vaccine - so they're ready to go to Doggy Day Care or the Dog Park from the day they go home. And they're sleeping through the night in their kennel! 


With a foundation like that you'll be ready to hit the ground running with your new puppy! You will still have to help your puppy adjust to your schedule, working out  your feeding times/potty times to avoid messes overnight, etc. But you will be working on building on a foundation instead of starting from scratch.  

What is a "started puppy"

Availability & Pricing

We have limited availability in our started puppies, so if you're interested in one please fill out the form below so we can chat. Please let me know if you have a color/gender preference and I will let you know which puppies we have available, and what level of training mastery you can expect. 


Started puppies vary in price between $3250-$4500. 

Ask for more information
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