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Black and White Parti AKC Standard Poodle
Black AKC Standard Poodle Puppy


* Sleeping through the       night in their kennel

* Using a doggy door 

* Vaccinations finished 

* Sitting for attention 

"Started Puppies" have started training on all of these points! If that sounds like a dream come true - keep reading!

"Started Puppies" are puppies who range in age from 16 weeks to a year old. They are consistently using a doggy door to go to the bathroom. They are sitting for attention instead of jumping up on you (and we will teach you how to continue that behavior when they go home with you!), they are finished with their Parvo vaccinations and have had their rabies vaccine - so they're ready to go to Doggy Day Care or the Dog Park from the day they go home. And they're sleeping through the night in their kennel! 


With a foundation like that you'll be ready to hit the ground running with your new puppy! You will still have to help your puppy adjust to your schedule, working out  your feeding times/potty times to avoid messes overnight, etc. But you will be working on building on a foundation instead of starting from scratch.  

To read even more about our started puppy program check out this blog post:

What is a "started puppy"

Availability & Pricing

We have puppies who are in different stages of training! I've listed a couple of them with their photos below. If there is  an available puppy on our site you've fallen in love with, but would like them to go through our started puppy program please reach out! 


Started puppies vary in price between $3250-$4500. 

Amarillo - Available

Amarillo is a beautiful Phantom. We chose a 'teddy bear' cut for her at the groomer and we absolutely love it.  Yes, she is as soft as she looks!  

Amarillo is quite new in our started program, but she did a great job at the groomer and the park where we went.  She was doing a great job keeping her eyes on us and her tail displayed how pleased she was with herself when she would receive a verbal good job and a pat on the head.  Ok, so it was more like a caress she is SO soft!  

You can see videos of Amarillo here:


Amarillo is maturing on the smaller side, I expect she will be around 45 pounds like her mama. She is a slight and lovely girl. She may be smaller in size, but she is confident and ready to explore wherever you may want to go! 



Buttercup - 45 lbs

Fargo - 50 lbs

Gender: Female 

Birthday: October 9, 2023

Price: $3250

To inquire about Amarillo please click here​ and specify that you are inquiring about Amarillo in your message! 

Mack - Available


Mack is a beautiful red Standard Poodle who is rocking the 'teddy bear' cut.  He is amazingly soft and his color is just beautiful.  Mack tends to be a bit on the shy side but gains confidence when he is around his sister.  He would be a great homebody companion!  He would much rather be close to my side then exploring the sights and smells around him.  He has done a great job learning all I have asked him to do.  I think he will mature to right around 60 lbs. 


You can see a video of Mack here:



Cherry - 48 lbs

Copper - 65 lbs

Gender: Male

Birthday: November 3, 2023

Price: $3250

To inquire about Mack please click here​ and specify that you are inquiring about Mack in your message! 

Dallas- Available


Dallas is a beautiful cream Standard Poodle.  He is So so smart and food driven when it comes to training.  If he sits down and doesn't receive a treat, he will lay down, all the while looking at you  asking where his reward is!  LOL  He has lots of energy but also has a good 'off switch'.  He will be up for whatever adventure you want to tackle!  He does a great job of staying engaged with me when I have him out and about, he will watch me and if I am just standing for a period of time he sits and waits patiently - or lays down hoping for a treat!  :D  

If you follow our social media accounts you may be interested to know that Dallas is a Buttercup/Fargo Puppy.  


You can see a video of Dallas here:

Dallas will mature to about 50 lbs.  



Buttercup - 45 lbs

Fargo - 45 lbs

Gender: Male

Birthday: October 9, 2023

Price: $3250

To inquire about Dallas please click here​ and specify that you are inquiring about Dallas in your message!