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Apricot AKC Standard Poodle Puppy

When my Army Vet husband told me he really liked Oreo, I knew Standard Poodles were a special breed. ​


Like many people, I was drawn to the Standard Poodle because they didn't shed. I wasn’t too sure about all of the fancy haircuts, but when I realized those cuts were optional and not required I decided to give Standard Poodles a try.


Our first Standard Poodle was Oreo, and he was so much more than a unique haircut! He was perceptive, he made eye contact and seemed to read your mind. He picked up on training so easily, which for a busy mom was essential! Before I knew it he was waiting nicely for his food bowl to be filled, waiting for the ok before going through an open door, staying out of the dinning room during dinner, and so much more. He would rest his head on my lap when I was sitting at my computer, he waited for me in the hall when I was in the bathroom, and he laid at my feet while I was cooking dinner just so he could be close to me. I could reach his ever soft, never shedding head without bending over, and I was fully in love. With three kids at the time I didn't think I needed another living thing that wanted to touch me! But Oreo was such a calm steady presence. He played hard in the back yard, but chilled out in the living room. With Oreo's head in my lap everything from the budget to meal planning became less of a chore.


Oreo Silver and White AKC Standard Poodle

After Oreo came Koko. And she was every bit as wonderful as Oreo. She was big, gentle, super smart, and had those perceptive eyes I had come to love.


With a couple of wonderful Standard Poodles in my life, I decided to start breeding. Why each breeder starts breeding is a unique blend of very personal reasons. For me, I wanted something I could do from home, shoulder to shoulder with my kids. I wanted to teach my kids to work hard, to love deeply, and to handle loss and goodbyes with grace. Raising puppies together seemed like a great way to accomplish these goals. It's a constant job, there are no days when the dogs and puppies don't need us, but we love it. We love being together, we love what raising poodles teaches us about life, patience, and enjoying simple pleasures. And while it may sound corny, we really do love watching our puppies settle in with their forever families. We love the smiles, ear to ear grins, giddy laughs, and tears when a family picks up their puppy. We love the updates months and years later, and we love seeing how our puppies bring so much to other people's lives.

Black and White Parti AKC Standard Poodle Puppy
Black and White Parti AKC Standard Poodle Puppy

There are breeders out there who spend every weekend at dog shows. Who spend countless hours grooming for the perfect award in the ring. They spend years crafting their program to achieve the perfect standard poodle based on show ring expectations. And I admire them - but I'm not them. I don't show my dogs, because I'm spending my weekends with my kids. I make sure all of our dogs conform to the breed standard, but I don't obsess about what wins shows. Because honestly, I care far more about the personality of the puppies. I love a beautiful dog as much as the next person. But for me personally, I love a dog who fits well with my family. And THAT is what I strive to produce in my breeding program. I truly am going for FRIENDLY poodles. I want you to get a puppy who is obsessed with you. Who makes eye contact, who learns quickly, and who offers the same calming presence Oreo offered me when he came into my life. I don't have an application that's three miles long that makes you feel like you aren't qualified to have one of my puppies. I want to make sure my puppies go to homes that love and appreciate them, and I recognize that home can take on many many many different forms. From apartments in NYC, to ranches out west, and everything in between, Standard Poodles adapt well to a variety of living situations, so long as their human loves and appreciates them.


So you wont find pedigrees filled with champions here, but you will find really friendly, smart poodles who were raised by a family and who are ready to become part of yours.

Black AKC Standard Poodle Puppy
Belle White AKC Standard Poodle
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