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Started Puppies - What are they?!

Updated: Apr 10

Standard Poodle who has been started on basic training
Started Puppy Trisha

If you've been following our social media recently you'll notice that I'm posting a lot about our started puppies. If you're wondering what they are and if a started puppy will be a good fit for you, this blog post should help!

Started Puppies are puppies that we have been doing special training with. They are "started" the in the behaviors but have not generalized the behaviors yet. That means we've taught them to sit for attention (for example) in environments they are used to, we haven't taken them to Lowes and made them sit in the middle of the crowded garden center (a new environment).

So let's go over what behaviors we start our puppies in. I chose these behaviors based on my top pain points when bringing a puppy home.

  1. Sitting for attention. I feel that it's very difficult to get anywhere with a dog who is jumping on you. So the first thing that we teach our puppies is to sit instead of jumping for attention. As mentioned above, we do not generalize this behavior. So if you take your started puppy to PetsMart he/she may jump up and greet a few strangers. But, we've started the behavior. We've taught them that this is what is expected. So with some reinforcement from you they should quickly learn to sit instead of jump. Do you want to know how we accomplish this? Check out our YouTube video on the subject!

  2. Using the doggy door. The puppies in our started puppy program have a set up that allows them access to a doggy door. The puppies learn to do their business outside very quickly! This behavior will of course need to be reinforced at your house with your system.

  3. Sleeping in a kennel. Puppies in our started puppy program go home comfortable with sleeping in a kennel overnight. These puppies aren't having accidents in their kennel here overnight. You will have to be careful to coordinate your feeding schedule so that your puppy doesn't need to relieve himself/herself overnight.

  4. Leash walking. We've started teaching the puppies how to walk nicely on a leash. This behavior isn't perfect, but we oppose all pulling on the leash by ceasing to walk and waiting for the puppy to stop pulling before we go again.

  5. Grooming. Puppies in our started puppy program have their first grooming before they go home!

  6. Vaccinations are finished! Puppies in our started puppy program have finished their vaccinations, including for Parvo and Rabies!

Who is a started puppy ideal for? Really anyone who wants to add a Standard Poodle to their family but doesn't want to, or isn't physically able to handle some of the most trying parts of getting a puppy. Our started puppies have found great homes in busy families who needed a puppy who was finished with their vaccinations so they could go out on adventures from day one. They are also a great fit for anyone that doesn't want to lose sleep potty training a new puppy. I also think started puppies are ideal for someone with physical limitations that prohibits them from some of the movements necessary with teaching a puppy good manners.

I'm very excited that Above Standard Poodles is now able to offer Started Puppies! Our started puppies have transitioned very well to life with their new families. "Sweet Honey" is our very first started puppy, and we feature her often in our Instagram stories, reels and posts. Based on the feedback we got from her family we started teaching our started puppies how to climb stairs! We live in a ranch and I hadn't thought about how little practice the puppies were getting on the stairs. Fortunately we have a deck with a good flight of stairs. So we've added that into our started puppy training! We always love feedback and frequently adjust what we do based on the feedback from our families!

For more information on securing a started puppy for your family send me an email or shoot me a text! 931-208-6095

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