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Updates from Above Standard Poodles

We have a few big updates here at Above Standard Poodles!

- We've redesigned our website! Please check it out! I think all of the links work, but if you find one that doesn't please shoot me a note and let me know! I used a lot of new photos, so be sure to look the site over and see if your Above Standard Poodle has been featured! Also, I'd love to add more pictures to our testimonials and past puppies page, so even if you've sent me updates before I'd love to get some more photos and feed back to share with others who are considering an Above Standard puppy!

- We have launched at Etsy store!!! This is something I've been working on off and on for about six months! We have quite a few Standard Poodle merch items. (I ordered the "I have Standards tumbler!) There are also a few Labrador Retriever merch items, because several of my good friends are Lab lovers (they say it takes all kinds of people to make the world go around right?? ;-) ). Here is the link to our store. If you have any design ideas, or special requests please let us know!

- I've uploaded videos of our red puppies trying pumpkin for the first time! There is availability in this litter. They will be ready to go home December 31st! You can see the boys here:

And you can meet the girls here:

- We are expecting some BROWN puppies! I know many of you have asked for brown puppies, and I'm excited to say that Pearl is due any day with the first litter from our male Casper! We have the chance for just about every color with this litter and I can't wait for them to arrive! For information on getting on the list for this litter shoot me a text! 931-208-6095

- We have puppies ready to go home today! If you are wanting to bring a puppy home this holiday season just reach out and let us know!

I know I usually include puppy photos in these blog posts, but I thought I'd put in an updated picture of Oreo this time! He is our star stud! On our new site we have a parents page! You can see it here:

Silver Parti Standard Poodle Oreo
Silver and White Parti Standard Poodle Oreo

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