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The "black" gene can manifest as everything from silver, to jet black. Here you will find puppies who are genetically black, whether that's silver or black as midnight! You'll also find any black based patterned puppies here, such as phantom. 



Freddy - Reserved!

Freddy is a black poodle puppy from our Dutchess/Oreo litter. He may lighten to blue, but I don't expect him to be silver. He is the calmest puppy of the litter, he loves to stare at his person, and stay as close to them as possible.

Estimated Adult Weight: 50-55 pounds


Dutchess - 50 pounds

Oreo - 55 pounds

Gender:  Male

Feddy was born on 7/25/23. He will have finished all of his Parvo boosters when he goes home! 

Price: $2250


Amarillo is a phantom girl from Buttercup and Fargo. She is stunning! She will be a small standard, maturing to 40-50 pounds.

Estimated Adult Weight: 40-50 pounds


Buttercup - 50 pounds

Fargo - 45 pounds

Gender:  Female

Amarillo was born on 10/9/23 and will be ready to go home on 12/4/23

Price: $2750

Red Standard Poodle

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We know this is a big decision - and you probably have some question this page didn't quite answer. Please reach out to us via email, text or a phone call! We'd love to get to know you and help you get matched with the perfect Poodle Puppy! 

You can reach us at (931) 208-6095 or through the form below.

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