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Holiday Miracles - Dark Red Puppies!

I can't believe how close we are to the Holidays! Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are right around the corner! Here in Tennessee a white, or even a cold Christmas is by no means guaranteed, but it isn't out of the question either. I guess we will just have to wait and see what this year brings!

Cherry - Our dark red standard poodle girl
Cherry - Our dark red standard poodle girl

I wanted to give you a little update on which puppies would be ready to go home this Holiday Season! If you don't follow us on social media you may have missed the announcement that we had a surprise litter of dark red standard poodle puppies! You may wonder how we could ever have a surprise litter of puppies! Well, this is how it happened - Several years ago I got a beautiful, graceful dark red poodle who was appropriately named Cherry. Right after I got her I knew I needed a great dark red male, so I found and got Copper. But what do you know - Copper is a very shy boy and almost always needs the vet's help to father puppies. So I have been keeping an eye on Cherry, and a couple of months ago I found that she had gone into heat! So I rushed blood work to the vet so that we could time an assisted breeding with Copper, but the test showed that I was already too late. I was SO sad! I've been trying to time this litter for over two years and I've never been able to breed her to Copper (she did have one litter with Oreo - who isn't a bit shy and has never needed the vet's help lol). Cherry had been with Copper, but because Copper is so shy I didn't expect her to have any puppies.

BUT! She was pregnant! I didn't dare hope, but she delivered TEN gorgeous dark red puppies!

Because I didn't know Cherry's litter was coming, we don't have any deposits on this litter. So as of right now we have males and females available and they'll be ready to go home on New Years Eve! If you'd like to discuss reserving one of these puppies reach out to me through text, a call or email!

We also have a stunning litter of puppies who will be ready to go home around December 3rd! These standard poodle puppies will be around 45 pounds full grown, so they'll be on the smaller side of Standard Poodles, but they'll be full of personality and spunk! This is our second litter with Buttercup and Fargo, and everyone who has one of their pups from last time has been thrilled! All of the pictures below are different pups, but the two creams and the two reds do look identical don't they!?

And in case you're wanting a puppy right now, one who is learning to walk on the leash, is starting to understand how to sit, and is finished with all of their parvo shots - we have a few stunning pups still available from our recent Dutchess/Oreo litter. Left to right, Fern (clearing to silver), Floyd, and Faye. Aren't they gorgeous?!?

I hope you've enjoyed this little update! As much as I enjoy giving out updates, I'd love to start writing some educational blog posts! Is there any specific topic you'd like me to cover? Something you've been wondering?! Shoot me a text or an email and let me know!

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