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An Update from Above Standard Poodles!

I couldn't believe it when I realized I hadn't written a blog post since August! I know they say time flies when you're having fun - but goodness! I guess between puppies, and starting the school year I really lost track of time!

I hope ya'll (have I lived in TN long enough to say that yet??) have been having a wonderful fall. The colors here have been simply stunning. If you watch our puppy videos I'm sure you're familiar with my back porch. The tree that covers part of that porch has been AHMAZING this year. It's been a real joy to look out to a picture perfect fall every day. I hope you'll forgive me for including one picture that isn't of a puppy. :-)

A perfect fall day
Beautiful fall colors!

If you haven't started following our Instagram (@abovestandardpoodles) be sure to do so! We've been posting lots of reels and updates!

We have some older puppies right now. I've always wanted to have older puppies so that we could work on extra training with them before they go home, and that's just what we've been doing. The puppies are learning to walk on a leash, sit for attention instead of jump, and are getting very comfortable in a kennel. As fun as this is for us, I do hope they find their perfect families soon. There is nothing quite like getting a picture of a puppy who is settled in as the star in their new family. :-) We do have several pups who have finished their full Parvo series. So if you've been wanting a puppy who was ready to go out in public with you from day one this may be the perfect opportunity. We have a light girl (nearly white!) two black girls, and a beautiful apricot girl! Send me a message for more details!

We also have a few puppies from our Dutchess/Oreo litter. They are just over three months old. Old enough to hold it overnight, but young enough to still bounce around like bunnies! Dutchess/Oreo produce some STUNNING silver puppies.

Silver Standard Poodle Puppy
Flynn is going to be a looker!

The picture above is of Flynn. This guy is so lively, so funny, so energetic. He is clearing to silver, and watching him turn from black to silver is going to be the highlight of someone's year.

Freddy is the opposite of his brother. Freddy is still pretty dark. I'm unwilling to promise he will stay black because his mom is blue and his dad is silver, but - he isn't showing much of any silvering yet! Freddy is reserved, calculating, and always watching his human. He is the only puppy who is learning sit so well that I've started to teach him to stay! Freddy always wants to be as close to you as he can, and he is always watching you to see what you are thinking.

Freddy Standard Poodle Puppy
Freddy, Standard Poodle

You can see a video of Flynn and Freddy here:

Faye, is one of the parti girls from our Dutchess/Oreo litter. She is playful and fun! She isn't clearing to silver yet, so who knows? She may just stay dark!

You can see a video of her here:

Floyd is our only available Parti male from this litter. He is also one of the largest pups in the litter. He has a gentle disposition. You can meet him and his sister Fern (who has a white tipped tail!) in the video here:

If you're looking for a Christmas Puppy, we do have a litter who will be ready to go home December 3rd! We have a couple of picks reserved on this litter but there is more room available! Please inquire for more details.

As always, you can reach me by texting or calling, 931-208-6095! Or you can email me at If you've gotten a puppy from us and would like to give us an update I'd LOVE to hear it! The kids and I always enjoy looking at pictures and seeing how "our" puppies are doing!

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