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Spring 2023 Update!

It's been a while since I've written a post! I have to say our family made use of our break from puppies! We traveled to visit my husbands family, worked on projects to make life better for our mamas and puppies, and did lots of fun day trips with the kiddos!

And now - we have puppies again! We have four litters actually! And I'm looking forward to introducing them all to you! I also have a couple of Mama's who are retiring this Spring (no end of tear shedding from me and my girls over this!)! There are details about that after the puppy updates!

First, let me introduce Dutchess and her puppies to you! These perfect little ones were born on 1/24/23 and will be ready to go home in just a few weeks on 3/21/22.

Dutchess is a gorgeous Blue Poodle (the hue of the setting sun made her look a bit brown, but that isn't the case).

Dutchess - Blue Standard Poodle
Dutchess - Blue Standard Poodle

Dutchess is on the smaller side, coming it at under 50 pounds. She is a total sweetheart and picks her person and wont leave their side. She picked my husband! I'm having to get used to a mommy who likes someone better than me! Dutchess is really gentle mannered. Daddy to this litter is Oreo who is a 55 lb silver and white poodle - which is why we are seeing so much clearing in this litter already! If you want to see pictures of our past silver puppies be sure to check out our Facebook page or send us a message and ask! But if you've been wanting a silver poodle this is your litter! We have blacks who are already clearing to silver, and we also have silver/white partis!! You can meet all of her puppies here and here.

Next up we have Camille Puppies again! Guys I'm so excited for this litter of gorgeous dark red babies! This is a repeat breeding and the puppies from our last litter with Camille and Copper are such lovely reds! These pups were born on 2/4/23 and will be ready to go to their forever homes on 3/31/23. Camille is 52 pounds and Copper is 64 pounds, so I think these puppies will be around sixty pounds full grown. You can see them all here.

Belle's Puppies - This is my last litter with Belle, and I'm so so so sad about it. Belle is a wonderful, gentle 74 pound girl. She is white and such a doll! Belle and Oreo produce beautiful, large puppies. I expect Belle's puppies to hit at least 65 pounds and possibly even 75 like their mama! These Poodles were born on 2/13/23, and will be ready to go home on 4/10/23 I have redone our website a bit and puppies are on pages based on their color - Belle has available pups on the page for black/silver puppies and the page for parti puppies.

I will be looking for the perfect forever home for Belle to retire to once her puppies are weaned. As I mentioned she is such a sweetheart, and we are very very sorry to part with her. If you would like to be considered for her forever home please contact me and let me know.

Belle - White Standard Poodle

And born most recently we have Buttercup's puppies! These will be our smallest puppies, maturing to forty to forty five pounds. The daddy to this litter is Fargo, and while we have had Fargo since he was just eight weeks old this is the first litter he has sired for our program! These little ones were just born on 2/26/23 and will be ready to go home around 4/23/23! We will be posting them on the website soon - so keep an eye out or reach out to us and ask for more details if this is the litter you want a puppy from!

I have decided that I will also be retiring KoKo - KoKo could potentially have another litter of puppies, but she doesn't appreciate all of the hustle and bustle of life here. She wants to be in a quiet environment with her people (empty nesters or a family with older children would be best). She is our only brown girl - and such a stunner. I'm so sad to be placing her. If you would like to inquire about making her part of your family please reach out to me!

KoKo Brown Standard Poodle

For anyone who read all the way to the bottom of this - thank you! Please reach out to me at 931-208-6095 with any questions!

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