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Meet Oreo - the Poodle who started it all!

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

This is Oreo, the Daddy to our two gorgeous poodle litters, and my very first Standard Poodle. He is the Poodle that taught me just how wonderful Poodles were.

When I got him I was so excited for a dog that didn't shed, but I didn't have high hopes beyond that. But Oreo was more than just a non-shedding K-9! He was my shadow. I must confess that because I had a couple of young children at the time it took me a while to notice that he was shadowing me everywhere I went. Finally one day I realized that he was laying in the hall watching me put my make up on, then he followed me down stairs when I ran down to check dinner, then back up stairs to apply mascara. He was so playful and full of energy in the yard, but in the house he behaved like a gentleman, a clumsy gentleman, but a gentleman non the less. He followed me around everywhere and laid down and watched me. He rested his head on my lap when I was working on the computer, and in the evenings he would grab a chew toy from his basket and lay down and hang out with our family. I was in love. He wasn't the snob that I had assumed all poodles were lol. He was a really enjoyable, friendly family dog. Oreo was black and white when we got him but he has matured to a truly lovely grey and white. :-)

Oreo has been DNA tested with Embark and he is 100% Standard Poodle, and he is also CLEAR of all genetic diseases that Embark tests for! He is truly exemplary in personality and health!

Oreo's puppies inherit his wonderful health and his cheery, lovable and eager to please personality. We have puppies available from litters Oreo has sired! Contact me for more details!

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