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Litter Announcement! Lady Cherry and Oreo!

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

I have some exciting news! We only have five delightful Mamas over here, and all five had GORGEOUS litters of Standard Poodle Puppies puppies this Spring! I couldn't believe it. To the ladies reading this, if you've every lived with some girlfriends or sisters, you'll recall how "that time of the month" syncs up? Well, the same thing happens with dogs! So all of our mamas went into heat very close together. We decided we would give all of them a date with our Stellar Daddy, Oreo. But honestly, I didn't think they would all have puppies. Of course I'm always hoping for endless puppy kisses, but how often do we get all we hope for?!? Well! It was my lucky Spring! All of our Mamas had wonderful, uncomplicated births, and their puppies are healthy and thriving! Because we have had a busy Spring, I think it's very unlikely that we will be having more puppies ready for their new homes before this fall sometime. So if you'd like one of our social, confident puppies I highly recommend considering one from these litters.

We are very busy loving, and being loved by, these puppies! I'm looking forward to introducing them to you over the next week! We have availability in these litters, so if you'd like to get more information about reserving one of these puppies please contact me here or you're welcome to call or text me at 931-208-6095.

This blog post is specifically to introduce you to Cherry's Litter. Cherry is our smallest Mama, weighing in somewhere around 40-45 pounds. She is a beautiful Dark Red, and has a rock solid, confident personality. Nothing phases her, and she is always up for a new adventure.

Cherry Red Standard Poodle Mama
Cherry Red Standard Poodle Mama

Isn't she gorgeous?!? She is so so pretty! And she has a lovely coat!

Scroll through the slide show below to meet the girls from this litter!

Can you believe it? Cherry gave us a perfectly even split! Five girls, and five boys.

Scroll through the slide show below to meet the boys!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and meeting these sweet pups! These puppies were born on March 24th, they have had their tails docked and dew claws removed. They will be current on vaccinations and deworming and have their first vet check with our wonderful Veterinarian before they are released to their new homes at eight weeks old. These puppies will be ready to join their new families May 19th, 2022. If you'd like to discuss making one of these puppies part of your family please reach out to me! I'd love to chat with you! You can call or text me at 931-208-6095! Or email me at I look forward to meeting you!

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