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What Pups Can Go Home Now?!? 3/16/23

I just wanted to stop in and update you on how the puppies are doing here! They're getting so big, and gorgeous! And they're about ready to start heading home! The weather is warming up and it's a great time to bring a puppy home!

Check out our YouTube Playlist to get to know these sweet Dutchess puppies!!

These three sweet girls are from our Dutchess litter, and they will be ready to start heading home next week (3/20/23). Dutchess is blue and Oreo is Silver and White - so I expect these puppies will clear to silver/blue! Have you seen a silver poodle recently? Check out Beckett from one of our previous litters! Isn't she gorgeous?!

We also have some stunning red puppies who will be ready to go home at the beginning of April!

These red pups are BIG! They are from Camille/Copper! Copper weighs around 65 pounds, and Camille is around 55 pounds. These Camille puppies are already the same size or bigger than Dutchess' puppies! If you're looking for a big red poodle puppy then this litter is for you!

If you'd like to see some little puppies, check out our playlist of Buttercup Puppies here!

Buttercup's pups will only be about forty to forty five pounds full grown! They're everything you love about the Standard Poodle in a slightly smaller package! These little ones are just barely starting to open their eyes!

We also have our final litter from Belle right now! I'm so sad this will be Bell's last litter! Belle is 74 pounds! So if you're looking for a large Standard Poodle just look at these pups!

I hope you've enjoyed this update! If there are any topics you wish I'd blog about please shoot me a message I love answering your Poodle Puppy questions!

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