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What puppies are available to go home now?!

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

If you've been following our blog and Facebook posts you probably know that we have puppies who are ready to go home today! But you may be wondering WHICH puppies are ready to go home now! Well this post is for you! Below you you will find photos/videos of the puppies we have available!

All of the puppies below are used to sleeping in a kennel, they have had their first grooming, and they're using their doggy door to do their business outside! They are of course current on vaccinations and deworming, and come with limited AKC Registration unless we talk about full registration beforehand. :-)

We are taking a trip in a couple of weeks to visit my husband's family! Our wonderful friends will be watching our dogs for us! But I would like to not leave them with puppies to baby sit too! So if you've been considering one of our puppies, get in touch with me so we can work something out!

Also, we are happy to work with you on delivery! Later this week we are heading out to North Carolina to hand deliver a couple of our puppies to a wonderful family! So if distance has been holding you back, just reach out so we can work together to come up with a great way to get your puppy to you! The easiest way to get ahold of me is by texting me at 931-208-6095!

Without further ado, here are the puppies!

Kingston is Reserved! He is from our KoKo/Oreo litter. He was born on 3/3/22. He is a beautiful black and white parti boy! KoKo is 62 pounds and Oreo is 55 so I expect that Kingston will be around sixty!

Prescott is currently pending. He is from our Pearl/Oreo litter and was born on 3/6/22. He is going to be a stunning silver! You can already see that his face is clearing!

Pheonix is from our Pearl/Oreo litter. She was born on 3/6/22. She is a gorgeous black poodle!

Princess is Reserved! Princess will be joining her half brother with a family who got a puppy from us last year!! We are SO excited for her! Princess is from our Pearl/Oreo litter. She was born on 3/6/22, and she LOVES to give hugs!

Paris - Would you believe Paris is the full blooded sister to Princess and Pheonix! Color genetics can be crazy! Paris started out as an apricot, but it looks like she is clearing to cream. She will be stunning! Paris was born on 3/6/22.

Charlie is a black male from our Cherry/Oreo litter. Charlie is so playful and fun! He was born on 3/24/22.

Colton has been reserved! He is from our Cherry/Oreo litter. Colton is black, and he loves to snuggle. Colton was born on 3/24/22.

Camden is from our Cherry/Oreo litter! Camden is BLACK, although the setting sun made him look brown. :-) Cherry's puppies were born on 3/24/22. Cherry is 48 pounds and Oreo is 55 pounds. So I expect these pups to mature somewhere in the low fifties. :-) Camden has a big white blaze on his chest!

Catalina is our last solid black girl from our Cherry/Oreo litter! Cherry is 48 pounds, and Oreo is 55. So I expect Catalina to be about fifty pounds.

Kali has been reserved. She is a beautiful parti girl from our Koko/Oreo litter. I ran out of daylight to get pictures of her on my nice camera, but I did take a video of her! Sadly I didn't think of using my phone camera to get a picture in the low light. :-( Kali was born on 3/3/22!

Kensley has been reserved. She is one of the puppies that I ran out of daylight to get a picture of! But we have a great video of her. Kensley is from our Koko/Oreo litter and was born on 3/3/22!

Kevin is pending. He is our sweet little runt! This guy is about half the size of his brothers Kai and Knox! He weighs about ten pounds, but is full of love! Kevin is from our KoKo/Oreo litter and was born on 3/3/22.

King has been reserved. He is a black and white parti boy from our Koko/Oreo Litter. He was born on March 3rd, 2022. I just have a video of him because I was losing daylight and my camera couldn't make out his dark face. :-( I hope you enjoy the video though!

To get more information about any of the puppies please text me for the fastest response! My number is 931-208-6095!

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