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What does a "Silver Poodle" look like?

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Have you been wondering what a Silver Poodle is?

Silver poodles are born black and over the first couple of years of their life life they clear to a gorgeous silver/grey color!

I wanted to show you the journey of a silver poodle over the first year of their life. This puppy is Beckett, previously named Paige. The photos below are of her while she was here with us. You can see that the grey was coming in on her nose and around her eyes!

Beckett went home with her new family, and to her big brother (they're half siblings!) Baxter (he is the apricot and white boy she is snuggled up next to!)! You can see after her first grooming her silver was really starting to show!

Beckett's mama has been kind enough to keep sending me pictures as the clearing progressed over the last year!

And look at this gorgeous girl today! Silver is truly truly so stunning! Beckett looks so dignified!

Silver poodles aren't for everyone - they are quite the statement and you're sure to get lots of questions from curious people! But if you're looking for a poodle that doesn't look like every other poodle. One that changes with every grooming for the first year or two then a silver poodle might just be for you! To meet our current silver poodles check out our puppies here: and for silver and white partis check out this page:

You're always welcome to text or call us at 931-208-6095! Or contact us through our website here: We look forward to hearing from you!

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