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Videos of the Puppies who are ready to go home!

Have you wanted to get to know us and our puppies better? Well I have some good news for you! We have videos up on our YouTube channel of every available puppy!

I know you want to see how different puppies act and interact in an environment they're familiar with and with people they are comfortable with. So we spent a chunk of time this past week filming so you could get a sense for each puppy! Keep scrolling to find the links to the videos!

Standard Poodle Puppy
Geno (Dutchess Puppy) Available NOW

Dutchess Puppies - Ready to go home now! These guys are 13 weeks old and there are a mix of colors from silver/white to silver to solid! These puppies will be about fifty pounds full grown (except for maybe Geno! he is a big boy so I'm wondering if he will be bigger than that!).

To meet Grissel (silver and white parti), Gertie (silver) and Gretal (silver):

To meet Graham (silver), Gaston (silver), Geno (silver and white parti)

Red Standard Poodle Head Tilt
Hattie - Dark Red, Head Tilting Standard Poodle

Camille/Copper Puppies - Ready to go home now! These puppies are dark red! These pups are 12 weeks old and quite a bit bigger than the Dutchess Puppies! These guys will reach 60-65 pounds full grown. Check out Hattie in the picture above! Doesn't she have the perfect head tilt? I haven't had the heart to give these guys their puppy trims because their fluffy faces are just too much!

Meet Halston (red male) here

Meet the girls, Hattie, Henslie, Hailey and Hilda here

Meet Hawkins here

Small Standard Poodle
Betsy - Doesn't she look like a teddy bear?!

Buttercup/Fargo Puppies - Ready to go home now! This is our first litter with Fargo and Buttercup! And I have to say I'm thrilled with the puppies! In the picture above is Betsy! These puppies will be on the smaller side and will only mature to about 45 pounds full grown. So if you're looking for a smaller standard this is the litter for you! Be sure to go to the end of the playlist for the most recent videos!

Meet Baldwin (Bennett and Briggs have been reserved) here

Meet Bertie (black and white parti male), Baxter (black male) and Bria (apricot female) here

Meet Brynn (black girl), Bodie (black girl) and Betsy (apricot girl) here

I hope you've enjoyed meeting our puppies! Our parents are DNA tested and loved by our entire family! We can usually meet up in Nashville, Knoxville or Chattanooga - and for longer trips just get in touch and we will see what we can work out!

Please please reach out with any questions! You're welcome to text or call me at 931-208-6095!

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