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A PupDate! See how our new pups are doing.

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Isn't this a sweet picture of this little guy just relaxing in our Daughter's arms? These puppies are very laid back and love hanging out with the kids!

This evening all of the puppies were weighed and I thought you might enjoy seeing just how big these little ones are getting :-) Buster is an even six pounds!

Holland, who has been reserved by my dear friend Katie at is the smallest of the litter and weighs 4lbs 9oz.

Charlie is 5lbs 10oz.

Maddie, who is reserved, is 5lbs 12oz.

Gemma is weighing in at 5lbs 8oz.

Bert is 5lbs 10oz

and last but not least our adorable guy Hank is the largest of the litter at 6lbs 6oz!

We have several puppies from this litter available to go home on June 27th. If you'd like more information be sure to send me a message through the website, or just shoot me a text at (931) 650-5099. You're also welcome to give me a call, but with four human little's running around please know that there may be some background noise. ;-)

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