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Poodle Puppy Availability as of 9.6.22!

Red Standard Poodle Puppy
Loretta will be ready to go home this weekend!

Wondering which puppies are available, and what litters are coming up? This post is for you! This post was written on 9.6.22 so if you're seeing this post at a much later date please check our puppies page for the most current availability.

RED PUPPIES I can't believe it! Our litter from Camille/Copper is seven weeks old TODAY! They have their vet check this week and then they'll start heading to their new families! Sniff sniff. We only have two pups available in this litter! One boy, Luca (photos below), and one girl Loretta (photo above).

Puppy Pick Ups I will be in many different areas in the next week! So if you are wanting to Loretta or Luca but weren't sure how to bring them home this is your chance! I'll be in Nashville on 9/8, Knoxville on 9/9, Chattanooga on 9/10, Louisville on 9/12 and we are even going to be in NYC on 9/13! Talk about a world tour! (Sometimes I deliver a puppy to their new family, and sometimes my husband does. He said he feels like Santa Clause bringing a puppy to their new family, and he loves to meet you as much as I do!)

Parti, black and cream oh my! Belle's Standard Poodle Puppies are a wonderful mix of colors! I fully expect her cream puppies to clear to almost perfect white! We have room available in this litter, and they'll be ready to go home October 8th, just over a month away! The puppies featured below are available - for now! :-D

A few video links!

Upcoming Litters!!! Pearl/Oreo! I am SOOO excited to announce the second breeding between Pearl/Oreo! Last time they produced a variety of colors, with one of them being this stunning silver (photo bellow)! Fingers are crossed that Pearl is pregnant! If she is pregnant she will be due towards the end of the month with stunning Standard Poodle puppies ready to go home Thanksgiving week!

Silver Standard Poodle
"Beckett" Past Pearl/Oreo Puppy

Cherry/Copper If you've been loving the dark red puppies from our Camille/Copper litter you will be especially excited to hear about this pairing! Cherry and Copper are both stunning dark red poodles! They're such a dark red they are sometimes mistaken for brown! This is our first breeding of these two, and if I understand my genetics right we should have dark dark red puppies with no white abstract markings.

I *think these puppies are due right around the end of the month also. But Copper is quite the gentleman, and although I have a litter of puppies from him that proves he does make a wonderful father he never lets me see the courtship! Ha ha - So we will just have to wait and watch! These puppies are likely to be ready to go home right around Thanksgiving also!

Here is a picture of Mama, Cherry!

Cherry Red Standard Poodle
Cherry Red Standard Poodle

Unless something unexpected happens, that will be all of our puppies for the year! So if you're wanting to bring a puppy home before 2023 begins be sure to look over the litters/puppies above and let me know! You can reach me by calling or texting 931-208-6095, or through email at, or through the contact form on the website! I'm looking forward to chatting with you!

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