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New AKC Standard Poodle Puppies!

We have Standard Poodle puppies! We actually have two litters of puppies! Born just two days apart, we. have Belle and Camille's beautiful puppies to introduce you to today! You can see not one but four new videos onto our Youtube channel! I've posted the link to just one of the videos above but if you'd like to check out the others (and who doesn't want to watch little puppies?!?) you can see them all on our YouTube Channel here:

One thing that totally floored me is that even though we had two litters of puppies, all of the black puppies (from both litters!) are girls, and all of the black and white parti puppies from both litters are girls! What are the chances?!

Both Belle and Camille have been stellar moms! I was a bit nervous about Camille because she didn't want my help at all during her birth. And I really like helping. But every time I would get in the whelping box with her she would gently move the puppy that was already born into a corner away from me and then lay between me and the puppy. The message was clear - "I don't need your help bringing my puppies into this world. This is a private affair and I'd like to be left alone." That wasn't an easy thing to hear! But I listened to her wishes, stayed close, spied on her through my camera, and she settled in and truly came into her own! She delivered beautiful puppies, cleaned them up and took phenomenal care of them. Just two short days later Belle started having her puppies. Having been left out of Camille's birth I was excited to be included in Belle's birth. But Belle was just as adamantly opposed to my help as Camille had been. :-( So I reluctantly left her to deliver her puppies. Since I keep cameras in the whelping box the entire family enjoyed watching her birth progress while we ate dinner. (What is the strangest thing you've watched during a family dinner?) Belle keeps her puppies so clean as to embarrass me. I can't remember a time my children have been as clean as Belle's little white puppies are. :-)

Things have been quite cold here in Rural Tennessee. But the puppies have been nice and cozy with a heat lamp, a special puppy heating pad, and their mamas right next to them.

We can't wait to watch these puppies grow up and meet the families they will go home to!

Our poodles are AKC registered, and will have their vet check, first vaccination, and dewormings done before they come home at eight weeks old. Our children raise our puppies with us, meaning the puppies get a lot of exposure to imperfection, which is a fantastic foundation for the well adjusted poodles they will become! Please reach out to me if you'd like to learn more about making one of these puppies part of your family! You can reach me by email at or by texting me at 931-650-5099 Or you can try to call, but with four kids my house is almost never quiet enough for an un-scheduled phone call lol. Be sure to like us on YouTube and Facebook so you don't miss a single update!

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