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Meet our Belle/Wally puppies!

We have a simply stunning litter of four and a half week old puppies right now! These puppies are from our Mama Belle who is a 60lb standard poodle, and our Dadd Wally who is a 15lb mini poodle! We expect these puppies to be about 35lbs when they are full grown.

These sweet pups are toddling all over and they‘re just starting to get their puppy teeth in! They range in color from red and white parti to light red, or apricot. As of the writing of this post all of the puppies in the video above are available. These little guys will be doing a lot of growing in the next few weeks and will ready to go home on June 27th!

I hope you enjoy meeting all of the puppies in the video! Reach out to us if you have any questions or want to talk about adding one of these pups to your family!

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