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Have you met Diego?

Diego is the last available puppy from our Koko/Loki litter. Diego was the smallest of the litter, and while his eight week vet check looked great our trusted Veterinarian, Doctor Wheeler, recommended that we keep him for a little longer to make sure he put on weight and was thriving.

Well, Diego is thriving! He is a whopping 19 pounds! While that is still smaller than his siblings, he is happy and healthy! We don't expect Diego to get as big as his parents (both of them are 65lbs!), but we do expect him to get near fifty pounds.

This standard poodle puppy encompasses so much of what I love about the breed. He is laid back and easy going, but SO smart and playful too. He stands nicely to be brushed, and he is very used to kids. He has started on kennel training and does a wonderful job of settling in his kennel even in the middle of our living room craziness.

Diego is nearly sixteen weeks old, which is a great age for someone who wants a puppy but doesn't want to be up to take said puppy out to the bathroom several times a night! Diego is ready to be sleeping through the night!

Since we've had Diego twice as long as we had his siblings, we are pretty attached to him! So please be ready to tell us a little bit about yourself if you think you want to bring him home!

Here are a few pictures from our play time tonight for you to enjoy! (I know, I haven't trimmed his nose yet, there is just something so adorable about that shaggy, all natural face!)

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