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Puppy Go Home Paperwork

This blog continues my series on bringing your puppy home! This this post I will discuss what paper work will be coming home with your puppy!

Black Standard Poodle Puppy
Black Standard Poodle Puppy

Do you know what's so annoying?! Do you know what makes me feel like a total kill joy? I'll tell you - When you are standing there bonding with your puppy that you just met and I'm all "Ok if we can just take a minute to look over some paper work." GAG! I feel terrible interrupting like that! You're falling in love with your puppy and I'm trying to go over their past deworming! So I found a solution! The Pet Portal I'm really excited to announce that we now have an official online pet portal! Once you are sure you want to bring one of our puppies home I'll email you a link to join the pet portal. In the portal you will have access to read and sign the purchase contracts, view invoices, and access to your puppy's health records! Before you bring your puppy home! We will explore each item in more detail below!

AKC Paperwork The AKC paperwork is your proof that you purchased a pure-bred poodle. You are welcome to register your dog. Our Poodles come with the ability to be registered with limited, no breeding rights, AKC Registration. Some families register their pets and others don't. It's totally up to you. During the process of registering your new family member you can also order a pedigree and see their family tree! It's kinda neat! We should be able to add the AKC registration papers right into the pet portal for you! Then you don't have to worry about losing them!

Vaccination/Deworming Records In order to give your puppy the healthiest start possible we follow a rigorous preventative vaccination and deworming schedule. If you want to read up on worms check out this link. It's really important for your vet to know what we have done to keep your puppy healthy! So from now on all of your pup's vaccination and deworming records will be on the portal! There have been several times where I decided to leave my phone in my room for the day so I could be more present with my kids and when I return a few hours later I find a text from one of our family's that reads something like this "I'm at the vet and I forgot my medical records at home, when was his last shot??" and then I feel SO BAD! But now that all of the records are kept on the portal, which you will have access to from anywhere, you wont be left in the lurch if I'm unavailable for a few hours!

Contracts You and I have chatted on the phone or over text, and you are sure you want a puppy! I'm going to send you a contract for the deposit - why a contract? Well, just to make sure we have everything in writing and that I didn't forget to mention something important! The contract will include things like which puppy, or pick number, you are getting. When the puppy is ready to go home and needs to be picked up by. Whether the puppy come with breeding rights or not. What the total price of the puppy is, and the amount your sending for the deposit. This way there is no miscommunication!

Invoices You want to know how much you've paid and how much you owe! So we have invoices in the portal so you can see exactly where your account stands!

I think that covers just about everything! I hope you've found this article about your Poodle Pup's go home paper work helpful! If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to me at 931-208-6095!

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