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Making Dreams Reality

When we moved to Tennessee last year one of the big reasons was because our love of poodles and puppies had outgrown our small Colorado home. Moving was a huge challenge, and some days I really struggled to believe that all of our hopes and dreams for our sweet dogs could ever become a reality. But bit by bit, and inch by inch we are doing it and the dreams we dreamed in Colorado are slowly but surely becoming reality! This sketch is one that my husband drew the other day when I was explaining to him my new idea for giving the puppies access to interesting toys, while keeping the toys off the ground and away from the poop :-). This little sketch, this the first step towards making another one of our dreams a reality.

What is your dream? A poodle head resting on your lap while you watch the kids play in the backyard? A strong and elegant hiking buddy just a head of you on the trail enjoying the sunshine as much as you are? A wonderful dog who doesn't aggravate your child's allergies?

We love our Standard Poodles and we would love to help make your dream of adding a Poodle to your family a reality. Reach out to us! Tell us about your dream, and we will help you transform that hope into something you enjoy every day.

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