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Puppies Ready to Go Home NOW!

Are you ready to add a Standard Poodle to your family? Perhaps you're looking through our site but can't quite figure out who would be ready to go home right away.

I wanted to introduce you to the puppies we have that can go home any minute. :-D

For photos scroll down past the videos!

Cream Standard Poodle
Tess, Standard Poodle Puppy

First up is Tess! This girl looks like she is smiling! She has a wonderful outgoing and sweet personality. Tess is a light cream and may continue to clear to white as she ages. I doubt she will ever be snow white though, because her ears will probably always be a butterscotch color.

Black Standard Poodle Puppy
Trisha, Standard Poodle Puppy

Trisha is a super sweet black puppy. Her brother was obviously clearing to silver, but Trisha seems to be keeping her dark black coloring! She could clear to blue as she ages, but right now she looks quite black except for her adorable little goatee!

Light Red Standard Poodle Puppy
Tilly, light red Standard Poodle Puppy

Tilly looks like she stepped out of a fluffy fairy tale! She has the personality to match all of the cuddly fluffiness! She is a light light red and will likely be apricot or cream full grown!

Black Standard Poodle Terri
Black Standard Poodle Terri

Terri looks a LOT like her sister Trisha! These sweet girls are both looking black! Neither of them have started clearing yet. Trisha is playful and happy and has a great poodle "smile".

Tacey Cream Standard Poodle
Tacey Cream Standard Poodle

Tacey is FULL of spunk and fun! This adorable girl gives head tilts in BOTH directions! She perks up her ears when she is interested in something and there is plenty that interests her! Tacey is incredibly expressive. She is cream and may continue to lighten as she ages.

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