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Meet KoKo's litter! Vet checked and ready to go home today!

Oh my! This post has been long in coming! As you may have seen in my other post we’ve had a very busy spring! All five of our mamas blessed us with healthy, beautiful litters of puppies this spring! I couldn’t be more thankful, or much busier! :-D I usually try to get pictures of our puppies up right away, but we’ve been so busy that didn’t happen this time. So without further delay, here are the puppies from our Oreo/Koko Litter! These puppies were born on March 3rd, 2022. They are vet checked and ready to go home anytime! This post was updated on 6/8/22 and puppies listed as available are available!

First, meet mama and daddy!

Koko is a gorgeous brown standard poodle. She has a gentle disposition, and prefers to be relaxing in a quiet corner.

And here is Daddy, Oreo! This boy won my heart! He was my first Standard Poodle, and the reason I ever got any more! You can read my whole blog post about him here.

And here are the puppies! Each puppy has it's own gallery, so be sure to scroll through all of their cute pictures! The boys are at the top, and the girls are toward the bottom of page.

First, meet Kinston! This boy is a black and white parti with a little white "smudge" on his face. He has a classic head tilt when he is trying to figure something out. He has normal tinted skin (as you can see in the photo of the inside of his ear) so I do not expect him to clear to grey as he ages. Although he may still fade some. :-)


This is King. This stellar boy has blue tinted skin, as well as some tan hair in his ears. I'm excited to see how his color develops! So if you take this guy home you must promise to send me pictures as he grows up!


Meet Kayden! This boy is black, but his new hair is coming in a beautiful tan! I *think* he is sable and will likely clear to a much lighter color. Kayden has gone home to be with his forever family!


This is Kai! This beautiful black and white parti boy has a strong blue tint on his skin so he will likely fade to a silver/grey.


The little guy below is named Kevin. He doesn't have the strong blue hue, so I expect the black on him will stay darker.


Meet Knox. This boy has strong blue tint and will likely clear as he ages. He has an adorable white little


Kensley is a Parti Girl with a strong blue tint, so I expect her to clear to a silver/grey. She has such cute white around her nose!


This is Kali! She has some tan in her ear! I'm anxious to see how she matures!


This is Kennedy. She is the most laid back of the litter. She is such a cute girl! She does not have strong blue tinting so I expect she will stay more black.


Meet Kenzi! She is a stunning sable parti girl! Her coat has already begun to clear and she is will be a head turner as her coat continues to mature! Kenzi has gone home with her forever family.

Ok! That's everyone! Thank you for your patience! I hope you've enjoyed meeting this litter! Due to my delay in getting pictures posted, these puppies are available. They had their vet check on 4/30/22. They are in great health, they have had their first round of vaccinations and are current on deworming. They are ready to go home to you anytime! Call or text me at 931-208-6095 to learn more! Or click the button below!

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